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Firstly, Rebecca Roter is to be commended for her persistence in making this event happen.

Twenty Pennsylvanians from throughout the Susquehanna River Basin testified to about a dozen EPA Region 3 staffers at their Philadelphia office. The goal of this meeting was to get EPA to hold a series of hearings throughout the Susquehanna River Basin similar to those held in the Delaware River Basin.

The staffers were clearly affected on a personal level by some of the heartbreaking experiences, at the hands of a dirty and deceitful industry, which were described. Whether this translates into action to protect public health and the environment remains to be seen, but at least they can no longer claim, “we didn't know.”

Unfortunately, some of the most moving testimony was extemporaneous and no written version was submitted. Perhaps EPA's summary of the meeting, which will be linked to, will contain descriptions.

A significant point not covered in the testimonies below is that both John Trallo and I urged EPA to review the testimonies presented to, and the final report of, the Citizens Marcellus Shale Commission.

On 1-9-12 Trish Taylor, EPA's Community Involvement Coordinator who facilitated the meeting, stated that the concerns raised for EPA by these testimonies were in part acted on when EPA made the decision to go to Dimock and meet with impacted residents. Although the final draft summary of our listening session as compiled by Trish Taylor is not complete, and has not made its way to Shawn Garvin's desk, EPA has already acted on some of the concerns our testimonies raised for them.

TESTIMONIES (not comprehensive)

Michelle Bamberger and Robert Oswald    (.docx)

Susan Breese

Clean Air Council - Kelly Finan    (.pdf)

Jennifer Clifford    (.docx)

Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition - Dr. Thomas Jiunta    (.doc)

Barbara Jarmoska    (.doc)

John Kesich

Rebecca Roter    (.docx)

Lynn Senick    (.doc)

Wellsboro Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) - Beth Higginson    (.doc)


I personally don't think we need additional hearings, plenty of evidence is already available. What I set out to do is to put the hard questions to EPA and document their response, holding up a mirror to their poor record to date. If that doesn't get them to straighten up their act, at least I'll have documented their response, as CCaNGD did with Rendell and Hanger. As I noted in the 1-12-12 letter below, which was delivered on 1-14-12, silence is also an answer.

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