My name is Susan Breese. I live in Lenox Twp. Susqu. Co. In the spring of 2008 a gas well was drilled in our neighborhood. By early summer, my neighbors and I were noticing changes in our water. My water was cloudy at times and I felt an oily texture to it. The three houses across the road from me all replaced their well pumps from the sludge that same summer.

In October 2008 the DEP tested my well and spring water. I recieved a phone call from them to let me know I had extremely high barium and they were considering re-testing because it was so high.

That was the last I heard from the DEP until I recieved my test results in the mail on May 29 2009. My well water had high levels of barium, strontium, and manganese. The spring water was fine.

In July of 2010, I had an independent lab test my water and the results were the same, almost to the decimal point, as the DEP test in 2008.